FFPP Welcomes Spring 2024 Fellows!

The FFPP Academic Directors and Mentors offer our warmest congratulations to the Spring 2024 Fellows. We look forward to another productive year of writing, peer review and professional development at CUNY.

Below are our 2023-2024 FFPP Fellows listed by Mentor group:

Faculty Mentor: Siraj Ahmed, Lehman College

Sherlock Hackney, Queens College, “The Birth of Digital Text”

Sawyer Kemp, Queens College, “Trans Shakespeare and Accessibility Theatre”

Alexander Manevitz, Baruch College, “The Rise & Fall of Seneca Village: Remaking Race and Space in Nineteenth Century New York City”

Victor Sierra Matute, Baruch College, “Spiritual Mediumship & the Soundscape of Purgatory in Úrsula de Jesús’s Diario espiritual (1647-1661)

Aleah Ranjitsingh, Brooklyn College, “The Asian Caribbean in the Caribbean Diaspora”

Danielle Zach, City College of New York, “Transnational Insurgency: Irish America, the IRA, and Northern Ireland’s Troubles”

Faculty Mentor: Ava Chin, College of Staten Island

Allison Berkoy, New York City College of Technology, “YOU ARE PREPARED: a body-controlling performance for self-optimization”

Ryan Black, Queens College, “I’ve Come to California”

Agustina Checa, Lehman College, “Analog Weavings: Cassettes, Alternative Economies and Relational Values in Argentina’s Independent Music Scenes

Jennifer Jolley, Lehman College, “Spacewalk, a One-Act Opera about the First All-Women Spacewalk”

Megan Paslawski, Queens College, “Instructional Desires: American LGBTQ Life Writing in the Twenty-First Century”

Stephanie Vella, Baruch College, “Primitivism, Embodiment, Performance: A Genealogy of Performance Studies Research Methodologies”

Faculty Mentor: Jonathan W. Gray, John Jay College

Jacob Adler, Bronx Community College, “Kasura: A Tale of Survival”

Keisha Simone Allan, Baruch College, “Verbal Marronage as Linguistic Resistance in Nalo Hopkinson’s Midnight Robber

Larry Au, City College of New York, “Dreams of Global Science: The Transnational Politics of Chinese Biomedical Innovation”

Uchenna Itam, Hunter College, “Feeling Visible: The Politics of Aesthetics, Identity, and the Senses in Contemporary Art of the United States (1990-2005)”

Janée Moses, City College of New York, “A House to Sing In: Extra/Ordinary Black Women’s Narratives”

Omari Weekes, Queens College, “Lurid Affinities: Sex and the Spirit in Contemporary Black Literature”

Faculty Mentor: Ted N. Ingram, Bronx Community College       

Gail Buffalo, City College of New York, “Supporting Early Childhood Education Graduates in the First Year of Teaching: How Teacher-Directed Growth Can Improve Child Outcomes”

Inés Corujo Martín, New York City College of Technology, “Unraveling the Mexican Rebozo: Multiculturalism and Intersected Identities”

Pedro De La Cruz, Brooklyn College, “Exploring the Role Identities of Students of Color in Educational Leadership Preparation Programs”

Evelyn Durán Urrea, Lehman College, “Developing Critical Language Awareness in Advanced Spanish Grammar and Linguistics Courses for Latinxs”

Carla España, Brooklyn College, “Escribiendo para desahogarme: Narrative Writing with Latinx Teens”

Nicora Placa, Hunter College, “Investigating the First Year Experiences of Latina STEM Students”

Faculty Mentor: Sarah Hoiland, Hostos Community College

Christine Choi, Hostos Community College, “The Myth of the “Good Woman”: Forced Motherhood and the Psychological Impact on Victorian Women”

Rhiannon Dowling, Lehman College, “We’re All Thieves Here: The Criminal and Society in the Soviet War on Crime”

Matthew Lindauer, Brooklyn College, “The Fruitfulness of Normative Concepts”

Michael Richter, Baruch College, “The Occupational Gender Gap”

Henry Smart III, John Jay College, “Racism, Colorism, Punitive Decisions, and Empathy: A Comparison of Data During Periods of Unrest and “Rest”

Joanna Stein, Kingsborough Community College, “Gender Bias and the Female Stand-Up Comedy Album”

Faculty Mentor: Lina Newton, Hunter College

Carolyn Abott, Baruch College, “The Politics of Public Pensions: How Strong Parties and Cooperative Politics Can Save State Government”

William Boland, Baruch College, “Reducing Inequality in College Outcomes for Latinx Students”

Yeju ‘Chloe’ Choi, John Jay College, “Millenials & Gen Z: The Experiences of Entry-level Women Engineers in Their Workplaces”

Seon Mi Kim, Hunter College, “Asian Americans’ Sense of Asian-Linked Fate and Their Intention to Report Anti-Asian Hate Crimes during the COVID-19 Pandemic”

Nafiz Zaman Shuva, Queens College, “More than a Place for Social Capital Creation: Public Library as a Place for Newcomers’ Settlement in a New Country”

Monica Stanton Koko, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “Food Shopping Behavior, Food Environment and Food Security”

Faculty Mentor: Elys Vasquez-Iscan, Hostos Community College         

Meital Avivi-Reich, Brooklyn College, “How Does Linguistic Experience Affect Perceptual & Cognitive Processes in Monolingual & Bilingual Listeners”

Charlene Bryant, LaGuardia Community College, “Criminological Genocide: Human Immunodeficiency Virus/Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome and Mass Incarceration”

Teresa Gray, Hostos Community College, “What Can Be Done to Prevent Black Women Losing Their Lives during the Process of Giving Life”

Noreen Mulvanerty, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “Implementing Culturally Diverse Training Strategies incorporating Healthcare Simulation Programs”

Carolyn Sun, Hunter College, “Reducing Elderly Falls in Assisted Living Facilities with AI-Assisted Surveillance Technology”

An-Yun Yeh, College of Staten Island, “Perceived Changes in Cognitive Performance of Patients with Active Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) or Recovered from COVID-19”

Faculty Mentor: Mara Schvarzstein, Brooklyn College

Junyong Choi, Queens College, “Allosteric Inhibition of Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase”

Richard Denton, Medgar Evers College, “Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Novel Isoxazoline DAG-lactone Mimetics as Protein Kinase C Activators”

Jonathan Gryak, Queens College, “A Machine Approach to Understanding Food Allergies”

Manpreet Kaur Kohli, Baruch College, “Novel Genomes of Arctic Dragonflies”

Venessa Singhroy, Queensborough Community College, “Enhancing Mathematics Assessment: Exploring the Efficacy and Insights of Ordinal Response Models (ORMs)”

Amy Vogel-Eyny, Hunter College, “Predictors of Lexical Accessibility of Common and Proper Nouns in Older Age: Evidence from the Tip-of-the-Tongue State”