FFPP Welcomes Spring 2023 Fellows!

The FFPP Academic Directors and Mentors offer our warmest congratulations to the Spring 2023 Fellows. We look forward to another productive year of writing, peer review, and professional development at CUNY.
Below are our FFPP 2023 Fellows listed by Mentor group:
Faculty Mentor: Anahi Viladrich, Queens College

  • Jinwon Kim, City Tech, “New Trends, Old Conflicts: New Black-Korean Relations in an Era of Global Racism and Global Media”
  • Keosha Bond, City College, “Using Photovoice to Examine the Sexual Socialization of Gender-Diverse Youth for HIV Prevention”
  • Barbara Flores-Caballero, Bronx Community College, “Left Behind—Education Decline in Puerto Rico: K-12 Principals Reflect on the Aftermath of the Pandemic in the Context of Hurricane Maria”
  • Kate Cauley, John Jay College, “Reading through Redemption: Comparing Information Access in Brazilian and American Correctional Facilities”
  • Laura Graham Holmes, Hunter College, “Health Equity Promotion for Sexual and Gender Minorities on the Autism Spectrum”
  • Deborah Greenblatt, Medgar Evers College, “An Assessment of Liberatory Practices in College-level Online Classes”

Faculty Mentor: Ava Chin, College of Staten Island

  • Jade Charon Robertson, Medgar Evers College, “Gold: You’re a Star”
  • Eve Eure, Lehman College, “Testimonies of Intergenerational Kinship”
  • Mudiwa Pettus, Medgar Evers College, “Against Compromise: Black Rhetorical Education in the Age of Booker T. Washington”
  • Lissette Acosta, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “Women in Colonial Santo Domingo: Disobedience, Bravery, and Power”
  • Elizabeth Alsop, School of Professional Studies, “An Unsentimental Education: The Films of Elaine May”
  • Agustin McCarthy, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “Transcestors – A Feature Documentary”

Faculty Mentor: Jonathan W. Gray, John Jay College

  • Vivian Y. Lim, Guttman Community College, “Integrating Quantitative Approaches to Teach about Social Justice”
  • Augustus Durham, Lehman College, “Why Roberta Flack Matters – First Take”
  • Jennifer Caroccio Maldonado, Baruch College, “Latinx Graphic Counter Histories: Knowledge, Memory, and Representation in Latinx Graphic Memoirs and Comic Biographies”
  • Sandy Plácido, Queens College, “Moving Forward the Publication of the Monograph, A Decolonial Science: Dr. Ana Livia Cordero and the Puerto Rican Liberation Struggle”
  • Laura Rifkin, Brooklyn College, “Reputable Technocultures and Protecting Vulnerable Populations”
  • Daniel Libertz, Baruch College, “Tensions of Numbers and Words in Quantitative Writing for Social Justice”

Faculty Mentor: Katherine K. Chen, City College

  • Shilpa Viswanath, John Jay College, “Bureau Men and Settlement Women: A Feminist Critique of Homelessness and the Housing Bureaucracy”
  • Karen G. Williams, Guttman Community College, “Science of Incarceration: Care, Coercion, and Consent”
  • Robert P. Robinson, John Jay College, “Stealin’ the Meetin’: Black Education History & The Black Panthers’ Oakland Community School”
  • Meghan Ference, Brooklyn College, “Roundabouts: Matatu Transportation as a Feminist Public in Nairobi, Kenya”
  • Sarah Saddler, Baruch College, “Performing Corporate Bodies: Multinational Theater in Global India”
  • Yaari Felber-Seligman, City College, “Fashioning Inland Economies: Trade and Culture in Central East Africa”

Faculty Mentor: Lina Newton, Hunter College

  • Helen Chang, Hostos Community College, “Election Administration and Electoral Reform in New York City”
  • Do Jun Lee, Queens College, “From Threat to Essentially Sacrificial: NYC Food Delivery Workers in COVID-19”
  • Raul Pathak, Baruch College, “Fiscal Resilience and Economic Recovery in New York Municipalities: An Examination of Local Government Finances After the Pandemic”
  • Elizabeth Edenberg, Baruch College, “Polarization and Shared Values”
  • Joan Robinson, City College, “The Home Pregnancy Test”
  • Bryan S. Weber, College of Staten Island, “The Effects of Urban Transportation on Crime and Safety”

Faculty Mentor: Siraj Ahmed, Lehman College

  • Krystyna Michael, Hostos Community College, “The Intimacy of Dissent”
  • Mira Zaman, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “The Rake Seduced: The Devil and the Hidden Seduction Narrative in Richardson’s Clarissa
  • Kedon Willis, City College, “No Nation is Postcolonial: The State of Abjection in the Writings of Queer Caribbean Authors”
  • Elizabeth Porter, Hostos Community College, “Decentering the Novel Heroine: Women’s Spatial and Narrative Trajectories in Defoe’s Roxana (1724)”
  • Rosemary Twomey, Queens College, “Final Ends in Aristotle’s Psychology”
  • Mark Zelcer, Queensborough Community, “Socrates at War”

Faculty Mentor: Ted N. Ingram, Bronx Community College

  • Misun Dokko, LaGuardia Community College, “Supporting Diverse First-Year Composition Students at a Two-Year Hispanic-Serving Institution in New York City”
  • Brittany Fox-Williams, Lehman College, “Getting to Trust: Race, Relationships, and Achievement in Urban Schools”
  • Vincent Jones, York College, “Health Education and Efficacy to Respond to Violence and other Negative Experiences on Mobile Dating Apps among People of Color and Sexual Minorities”
  • Delia Hernandez, Kingsborough Community College, “Teaching and Learning Through Critical Reflection: A Process of Engagement and Induction for Community College Preservice Teachers”
  • Gabriel Camacho, John Jay College, “The Effect of Wearing College Apparel on Black Men’s Perceived Criminality and Perceived Risk of Being Racially Profiled by Police”
  • Casey LaDuke, John Jay College, “Supporting Brain Health in Black Men Impacted by the Criminal Legal System”

Faculty Mentor: William H. Carr, Medgar Evers College

  • Jun Li, Queens College, “Sequence-aware Coding for Large-scale Distributed Matrix Multiplication”
  • Joshua Tan, LaGuardia Community College, “Solving the Mysteries of Gamma-Ray Emitting Astrophysical Sources with Student Co-Researchers”
  • Bianca Sosnovski, Queensborough Community College, “Applications of Non-Abelian Groups to Hashing”
  • Jane Alexander, College of Staten Island, “Geochemical Evidence for the Origin and Remobilization of Triassic Age Fluvial Sediments of the Newark Basin, NJ”
  • Matthew Junge, Baruch College, “Mathematical Perspectives in Prison”
  • Nicholas Vlamis, Queens College, “The Dehn–Nielsen Theorem for Non-compact Surfaces”