FFPP Welcomes Spring 2022 Fellows!

The FFPP Academic Directors and Mentors offer our warmest congratulations to the Spring 2022 Fellows. We look forward to another productive year of writing, peer review, and professional development at CUNY.

Below are our FFPP 2022 Fellows listed by Mentor group:

Faculty Mentor: Moustafa Bayoumi, Brooklyn College

  • Jennifer Corby, Kingsborough Community College, “Reclaiming Time: Liberating the Modern Subject”
  • Ben Holtzman, Lehman College, “‘Smash the Klan’: Fighting the White Power Movement in the Late Twentieth Century”
  • Vani Kannan, Lehman College, “Writing Mutiny: Rhetoric, Transnationalism, and Asian Coalitional Organzing in the U.S.”
  • Fidel Tavárez, Queens College, “The Imperial Machine: Assembling the Spanish Commercial Empire in the Age of Enlightenment”

Faculty Mentor: William Carr, Medgar Evers College

  • Jorge Matias Caviglia, Brooklyn College, “Pathophysiological mechanisms of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease”
  • Margrethe Horlyck-Romanovsky, Brooklyn College, “Did New York City Type 2 Diabetes Prevention Programs Suffer or Succeed During the COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdowns?”
  • Jihyun Kim, Guttman Community College, “Promoting Diversity in Chemistry”
  • Shiryn Devi Sukhram, College of Staten Island, “The impact of COVID-19 and social-environmental factors on suicide rates in New York City”

Faculty Mentor: Katherine K. Chen, City College

  • Tanuka Ghoshal, Baruch College, “Sequins, Saris and Ripped Jeans: How Bluffing and Open Secrets Facilitate Self-Transformation”
  • Melanie Lorek, School of Professional Studies, “Lingering on the Past, Creating Future? Post-socialist Performances in Political Campaigns and Speeches in Contemporary Germany”
  • Nerve Macaspac, College of Staten Island, “Insurgent Peace: Community-led Peace Zone and the Spatialities of Peace”
  • Jeremy Sawyer, Kingsborough Community College, “Can learning about disability rights activism reduce implicit anti-disability bias?”

Faculty Mentor: Bridgett Davis, Baruch College

  • Matthew Burgess, Brooklyn College, “Taking Play Seriously: The Transformative Power of Poetry in a Liberatory Pedagogy”
  • Cassandra Evans, School of Professional Studies, “Five Wives (a novel regarding disability justice and intersectionality)”
  • Ann, Genzale, Hostos Community College, “Re-Writing the Book of Myths: Embodied Narrative in Cheryl Strayed’s Wild”
  • Christina Saindon, Queens Community College, “Gendered Education: Narrating the Silence of Women and Girls in the Classroom”

Faulty Mentor: Michael Gillespie, City College

  • Ted Gordon, Baruch College, “Sun Ra Meets the Moog: Discipline, Freedom, and Electricity”
  • Jodi Van Der Horn-Gibson, Queens Community College, “Afrosurrealism in Contemporary Pop Culture”
  • Nicole Wallenbrock, Hostos Community College, “Cinematheques of the Maghreb and France”
  • Nicole Williams, Bronx Community College, “Rewriting History: The Function of the Linchpin Character in Biopics about Black Americans”

Faculty Mentor: Ted Ingram, Bronx Community College

  • Michelle Fraboni, Queens College, “Revisiting Notions Of Identity, Belonging, and Community With Teacher Education Students”
  • Nakia Gray-Nicolas, Queens College, “College-Ready by Whose Definition: Towards a More Inclusive Definition and Approach to College-Readiness”
  • Dialika Sall, Lehman College, “Connecting Black: Second-Generation Africans and the Redefining of Blackness in America”
  • Jennifer Van Allen, Lehman College, “Knowledge of Open Educational Practices: Tools for Empowering Student Voice”

Faculty Mentor: Nivedita Majumdar, John Jay College

  • Tarun Banerjee, John Jay College, “Social Movements and Public Policy Implementation: The Civil Rights Movement and the War on Poverty, 1965-71”
  • Eileen Markey, Lehman College, “God Was on the Block: How Community Power Stopped the Fires and Rebuilt the Bronx”
  • Salvador Salazar, Bronx Community College, “History of the Cuban Press of the Twentieth Century”
  • Eric Essono Tsimi, Baruch College, “A Microhistorical Approach to the Decolonial Epistemologies in the Twenty-First Century Africa”

Faculty Mentor: Mark McBeth, John Jay College

  • Charissa Che, Queens Community College, “An Asset-Based Inquiry of Liberal Arts ELL Instruction at a Queens Community College”
  • Stacy Katz, Lehman College, “Exploring the Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy”
  • Cristina Lozano Argüelles, John Jay College, “The Bilingual Spectrum: Redefining Bilingualism in Translation Studies”
  • Catherine Voulgarides, Hunter College, “Opportunity Gaps, the Educational Debt, and Racial Inequity in Special Education in an Urban Context”

Faculty Mentor: Lina Newton, Hunter College

  • Neil Hernandez, Baruch College, “Congressional Republicans Reorganize the Immigration System: A Case Study of Utilizing Bureaucratic Structure to Ease and Tighten Immigration, 1906-1913”
  • Emily Pelletier, Queens Community College, “An Evaluation Approach to Examining Juvenile Defense”
  • Viviana Rivera-Burgos, Baruch College, “Responsiveness to Co-ethnics and Co-minorities: Evidence from an Audit Experiment of State Legislators”
  • Shreya Subramani, John Jay College, “Carcerality In Transition: The Productive Relations of Reentry Governance”

Faculty Mentor: Anahi Viladrich, Queens College

  • Anthony Dest, Lehman College, “Dissident Peace: An Ethnography of Struggle in Colombia”
  • Robin Naughton, Queens College, “Modern Impressions: Understanding Queens College Library (QCL) website users”
  • Anika Thrower, Borough of Manhattan Community College, “Stress-based Experiences among Black Non-traditional Community College Students: A Path to Discovery and Action”
  • Victor Torres-Vélez, Hostos Community College, “Toxic Assemblages: Necroecologies of Race and Accumulation”